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Transparency or Intimacy at Will

Intimacy Transparency or Intimacy

Transparency                Its up to you to decide

Windows allow you to be seen as well as to see you. However, sometimes it may be desirable not to be seen. Rely then on Priva-Lites cleverness. It offers you this intimacy at the blink of an eye. All you have to do is to switch it on. No more dusty curtains. Forget blinds with tangled strings or blocked shutters.

Priva-Lite's unique technology allows it to be switched between the transparency of normal glass and a whitish translucency at the touch of a switch.

When PRIVA-LITE is not connected to the voltage source, the liquid crystals entrapped in the Taliq film are not aligned, and due to their random orientation they diffuse the light in all directions. As soon as an electrical field is applied the liquid crystals line up and the glass becomes transparent. Please contact Shelquip for more details.

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